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A Tale of Two Guarantees:
How to Your Optimize Your Solar O&M with Availability and Energy Performance Guarantees

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Hosted by Borrego with
Algonquin Liberty Power and DNV


From pain points to projected benefits, understanding guarantees is a key part of improving your financial returns and minimizing risk.

So how do they work — and how do they benefit solar plant operators & asset owners?

We’ve brought together experts from Algonquin Liberty Power, DNV, and Borrego who will share their perspectives and real-world experiences with availability and performance guarantees. They’ll also cover the benefits and challenges for IPPs, unregulated utility subsidiaries, and other solar asset owners and operators.

In the webinar, we'll dive into

  • Differences between availability and performance guarantees
  • Value proposition and case study takeaways from IPP/unregulated utility subsidiary system owner’s perspective
  • O&M provider’s guarantee role and challenges
  • Independent engineer’s role
  • Industry trends and differences between distributed generation and utility scale



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Moderated by:


Teresa Dillon
Technical Sales and Account Manager, O&M

Teresa brings her passion for solving the climate crisis to helping renewable energy asset owners mitigate business disruption in unexpected events and tackle the perpetual challenges of data quality, data centralization and increasing project complexity to optimize long-term returns.

Our Speakers:

Ian MacRobbie,
VP, Operations — 
Algonquin Liberty Power


Ian is the Vice President, Operations for Liberty Power, joining Liberty 3 years ago. Ian oversees the operating assets, engineering and asset performance teams, with overall operations responsibility for wind, solar, hydro and two combined-cycle gas plants located across Canada and the United States. Ian has spent more than a decade working in renewable power generation overall, with extensive experience in wind and solar generation.

Kristine Sinclair,
Team Lead, Solar Independent
Engineering — DNV


As Team Lead in the Solar Independent Engineering group at DNV, Kristine leverages technical insights to guide the industry towards maximizing clean energy production and profitability. Kristine has over 12 years of experience in the energy sector, ranging from the nano to the GW scale. As Business Development Manager at Heliolytics, Kristine was the primary point of contact for over 100 active accounts globally, contributing to over 35 GW of aerial Infrared inspections of PV plants. Kristine’s genuine curiosity and desire to understand drives her work and pushes her productivity, with interest ranging from technical challenges of device physics to understanding the social and political framework that guides adoption.

Bradley Hibberd,
Director, O&M Engineering
Services — Borrego


Bradley Hibberd is the director of O&M engineering services, moving into this role in the O&M business in 2020. He joined Borrego in 2003 and has held a number of roles in the engineering team, including director of engineering and director of technology. His key achievements include development of tools and standards to automate and improve the efficiency of the design process and the quality of the finished product and development of the performance modeling infrastructure within Borrego.