Let's Talk About
Energy Storage Augmentation

Key Considerations for Capacity Maintenance

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Hosted by Borrego with IHI Terrasun Solutions


It's a fact: Energy storage augmentation is critical to maintaining the capacity & long-term performance of your battery storage system.

But what's the best approach? And what's the impact on IPPs, utilities, and other energy storage system owners?

Join experts from Borrego’s energy storage team and IHI Terrasun Solutions for a deep dive into energy storage augmentation. They will share their experience on the best augmentation approaches, impacts to utilities, IPPs and other energy storage system owners, and emerging industry trends on the topic.

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In the webinar, we'll dive into:

  • Why system owners should plan for energy storage augmentation, and its importance for maintaining system capacity over time.
  • Value propositions from utility, IPP and other energy storage system owner perspectives, focusing on guaranteeing capacity and maximizing revenue.
  • Pros and cons of oversizing vs. installing new battery capacity later.
  • Industry trends and real-world examples of energy storage augmentation approaches in the field.


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Our panelists:

Mike Conway
Director, Business Development, Energy Storage, Borrego


Mike Conway began his career with Borrego nearly nine years ago as a utility electrical engineer. From there, he served as the connector between the policy, sales and engineering teams as the director of grid integration, focusing on interconnection, interconnection policy and grid integration. He now serves as a director of business development for energy storage.

Ray Saka
Vice President, Sales & Service
IHI Terrasun Solutions


Ray Saka is a seasoned senior executive in sales, business development and products with decades of experience in solar and energy storage market segments. Serving as vice president of sales and services, Ray has built over 3GWh of energy storage project pipeline at IHI and has contributed to productization and led business/product strategy on solar and energy storage solutions. 

Chris Wolfrom
Solutions Engineer


Chris Wolfrom is a solutions engineer at Borrego, focused on battery energy storage. His background showcases a deep curiosity for understanding systems and producing creative solutions; from robotics to canoes to solar and energy storage systems, Chris has done it all. He’s passionate about empowering the grid of the future and facilitating the massive deployment of renewable energy.

Moderated by:


Eleni Kanatsouli

Product Operations Manager


Eleni Kanatsouli joined Borrego nearly four years ago as a project manager focused on energy storage projects. Her expertise in system design and optimization for wind, solar and small hydroelectric projects contributed to the team’s growth from smaller 1 to 2 MWh systems to larger utility-scale systems, helping Borrego install more than 50 energy storage projects. In her current role as product operations manager, Eleni continues focusing on seamlessly integrating new energy storage products into Borrego’s design, construction and commissioning process.